Conex Storage ContainersPeople move to bigger homes because they need more room, and then, eventually, they move to smaller homes because they want less stuff. Businesses upgrade whether because they’re adding staff, or stuff, or both. If you need additional storage space, don’t move; just get a 10 foot cargo container to house your extra stuff that you can’t get rid of. Midwest Storage Containers, Inc. has 10 foot storage cargo containers available for people who need a little extra storage. Not only are these containers great for storage, but they can withstand all of the elements so that your stuff can stay safe and dry and not wither and rot. Give us a call today and see just how versatile these containers really are.

On-Site Storage Container

Perhaps you are having a room or a few rooms re-painted, or the floors re-done. You could move everything out of your house or business and leave it all outside, while hoping that rain doesn’t come. Or you could move it all to a storage unit on the other side of town, and spend time and gas driving back and forth. Of course, you would most likely have to pay for a full month’s rent when you only need the unit for a day or two. In cases like this, consider renting a 10 foot storage container that you can have on-site at your home or business. You can easily move stuff back and forth and keep everything dry and out of the sun and wind and rain and snow at the same time.

For more permanent storage options, and one that doesn’t involve building an immovable shed, consider buying a 10 foot storage container for your home or business. The advantage that a storage container has over a something such as a shed is that they are easily moveable with a bobcat and can even maneuver around tight corners. These containers are great for a whole host of options. If you have a roomful of stuff, maybe even a riding lawnmower, consider storing it in a 10 foot storage container from Midwest Storage Containers, Inc.

The ISO containers that we have for rent or sale at Midwest Storage Containers, Inc. can protect anything you need from wind and water and sun. These Conex boxes can fit tightly into place so that if you need more than one, you aren’t wasting room between them. Give us a call today (888) 782-2363 and see just how versatile these containers really are!