conex storage container for sale WIIf you’re wondering whether a Conex container might be a useful asset for you to purchase or rent, take a look at the uses of Conex containers! With so many ways to use these steel storage and shipping containers, the possibilities are endless, especially when you come to a Conex container company like Midwest Storage Containers, where we take pride in ensuring we provide the highest quality storage containers and the best service possible. If you’re looking for a Detroit, Dearborn or Warren, Minnesota Conex container company, look no further than Midwest Storage, where we can help you determine the best size and shape container for any use and provide you with custom Conex container additions to ensure your container meets all of your needs.

Shipping Products with Ocean and Domestic Cargo Containers

One of the most common uses of Conex containers is shipping goods across country and internationally. We offer both ocean cargo containers and domestic shipping containers, which are manufactured to weather stormy seas and inclement weather on land to ensure that whatever you’re shipping makes it to its destination safely. If you’re looking to ship overseas, you can take comfort knowing that our ocean cargo containers are made from COR-TEN steel, the best steel for Conex containers.

Military and Government Agency Uses

Often times, military and government agencies need portable, discreet, and temporary storage or shipping containers that are secure and will keep anything inside safe. Whether you’re looking for a work station for military personnel or government employees, or you’re in need of storage for important government documents, technology, or otherwise, you can bet that our storage containers will fit the bill perfectly.

Document Storage Conex Containers

Our weatherproof Conex containers will be sure to keep your documents safe from the weather outside, ensuring that you can store documents as long as you’d like outside during any time of year.

On-Site Storage, Offices and Work Stations

Our storage containers are often used as work stations, including at homes, outside of businesses and offices, and on construction sites. If you’re in need of a small or large space where you can work in peace, a custom Conex container with any needed additions, including shelving or added doors, is perfect!

Conex Container Warehousing

If you’re in need of warehouse storage, Conex containers offer a unique storage system that allows you to move your stored items as often as needed or even keep your “warehouse” on your own property!

Tool, Equipment and Seasonal Storage

Whether it’s on a construction site or in your back yard, a Conex container makes for a durable, weatherproof, and portable storage solution for tools, equipment, and machinery, whether you need year-round or seasonal storage.

Moving and Renovation Storage Containers

Another common use of Conex storage containers is for moving and renovation storage, helping you keep your belongings safe when they need to be stored for extended periods of time.
To find out whether a Conex container could be useful for you, contact Midwest Storage Containers at 1-888-782-2363, and we’ll help you meet your Detroit, Dearborn or Warren, MN storage needs.