International Shipping ContainersAnytime you purchase an item that is used, you want to know the type of condition it is in. The term ‘used’ for one person could mean something totally different for another individual. When it comes to shipping containers, understanding the grades of containers that you are choosing from is extremely important. At Midwest Storage Containers, we are a shipping container provider that takes pride in being transparent to our customers in the Findlay, OH area. We evaluate each used shipping container and give it one of our four grades. This helps our customers understand the type of condition the shipping container is in before they make the purchase.

Four Grade Breakdown

At Midwest Storage Containers, all of our used containers are going to fall under one of our four container grades. These containers are broken down into the following grades:
One Trip/New – If you are looking for our highest quality used container, this is the one! Our one trip/new grade includes containers that were manufactured in China and shipped over to the USA. Once arrived, they are sold to our customers. This condition is practically brand new!
Cargo-Worthy – While this container isn’t considered new any longer, it still meets the certifications to ship overseas. This container is in great condition, will have the proper specs to be put on the ship and is wind and watertight.
Wind & Watertight – This grade container is comparable to the cargo-worthy grade, however it has not been inspected by a qualified surveyor. Being wind and watertight, this container can handle most domestic shipping excursions with ease.
As Is – For those looking for the basics with a used shipping container, our As Is option is the lowest grade that we offer. What you see is what you get as there may be a leak or damage with these containers. Depending on your need, this grade may still be able to meet your expectations. This container class is perfect for the guy who wants to do a few repairs in order to get a cheap box.

Efficient Delivery Options Findlay OH

Once you decide on the perfect used shipping container, we can get the container to wherever you need it to go. Whether you need it dropped off in Findlay, OH, or somewhere else in the United States, we’ve got you covered. Our dedicated team at Midwest Storage Containers offers nationwide 48 hour delivery as well as overnight shipping in some markets.

If you are in the market for a used shipping container, but aren’t quite sure on what grade container to invest in, our shipping container experts at Midwest Storage Containers are ready to help. If you are near the Findlay, OH area, give our team a call today at (888) 782-2363 or email and we’ll get you set up with a free estimate on one of our used shipping containers.