Conex ContainersWhen shipping goods or items across the country, your expectation should always be that they are protected. Protection is a vague term, so you have to be careful when deciding on the right domestic shipping container company to purchase from. At Midwest Storage Containers, our high quality domestic shipping containers are built to keep your belongings protected at all times, regardless of what mother nature may throw your way. Offering both new and used conex containers, we are sure to have a shipping container that fits your needs!

Why Choose Midwest Storage Containers?

With so many shipping container companies around the country, what sets our team at Midwest Storage Containers apart? Well, it’s not just one thing that sets us apart. We offer the total package. Some of the reasons to consider Midwest Storage Containers include:

Domestic Shipping Containers

● Honest Sales Team – We do not push our sales team to sell containers that don’t fit the customer’s needs. Instead, we encourage our sales staff to spend as much time as needed to get a thorough understanding of the type of domestic shipping container the customer is looking for. Practicing unethical sales initiatives is not something that we ever want to be a part of.
● Durability – When creating our shipping containers, we wanted to use the highest quality steel on the market, which is why we chose COR-TEN steel. This gives our customers peace of mind knowing that their items are always safe.
● Wide Variety – When you decide to partner with our team, you’ll be given access to a wide variety of domestic shipping containers. We offer multiple sizes ranging from 10 to 40 feet and our used containers come in a variety of grades including our One Trip/New, Cargo-Worthy, Wind & Watertight and As Is options.
● Delivery Anywhere – Quick delivery is important in this industry. That’s why our staff offers nationwide 48 hour delivery. Additionally, overnight shipping is available in some markets.
● Customizable – Who says you can’t have a little fun with your domestic shipping container? At Midwest Storage Containers, we offer customizable storage options to make this purchase your own! Our staff can apply a new paint job, build extra shelving, add an extra door or ventilation and can do many other things to your container. Bring your ideas up to our team and we’ll do our best to customize your container accordingly.
● Free Estimates – When deciding on your next domestic shipping container, you should not feel obligated to make a purchase that you don’t want to make. That is why we offer free, no obligation estimates to help you decide on the container that fits your needs best.

When purchasing your next domestic shipping container, you want to go with a team that offers the total package. Look no further than Midwest Storage Containers and take advantage of our affordable, high quality domestic shipping containers. To request a free estimate on our new or used conex containers, give us a call today at (888) 782-2363 or email