Purchase Used Storage ContainersWhen you are in the market for a used car, quality is probably the most important characteristic that you are searching for. You don’t want to invest in a vehicle with issues that need to be repaired before your hands ever touch the steering wheel. The same goes for purchasing a used shipping container. There are plenty of used shipping containers for purchase around Minnesota, but none are as strong as our high quality used containers at Midwest Storage Containers.

Durable COR-TEN Steel Exterior

At Midwest Storage Container, durability is very important. The last thing that we’d want to do is leave our customers high and dry with a storage container that is structurally weak. That is why our used storage containers are made with COR-TEN steel, which is some of the strongest material on the market. The container that you plan to invest in is there to protect your possessions, so it is only right that it is extremely durable.

Used Shipping Options

Deciding on the preferred grade of a used container should be based on what you are using it for. If you plan to ship the container domestically or internationally, you’ll need a higher grade container than if you need one you plan to keep in one place. At Midwest Storage Containers, rather than forcing you into one particular grade container, we give you plenty of options to choose from. Our used shipping container grades include:

● One Trip/New – This container has only taken one trip and is as close as a used container can get to being brand new.
● Cargo-Worthy – This container is not new, but is still certified for both domestic and international shipping.
● Wind & Watertight – While a qualified surveyor has not inspected this grade container, it is still wind and watertight and great for domestic shipping.
● As Is – Our lowest grade container, the As Is grade is sold to our customers the same way we received it. There could be leaks or damage, but the functionality of the container is still solid.

Before you fall down the trap of purchasing a brand new shipping container in Minnesota, consider taking a look to see what our team at Midwest Storage Containers has to offer when it comes to high quality used shipping containers. To request a free estimate or to learn more about our used shipping container options, give us a call today at (888) 782-2363 or email sales@midweststoragecontainers.com.