How to Buy Storage ContainersMidwest Storage Containers is the business to trust in when trying to find commercial storage containers. We sell storage containers throughout the United States and will work with you to create a convenient way to get your container. Midwest Storage Containers is part of the Big Blue Boxes, which provides customers with short-term mini storage rentals during moving, extended storage deals for those that may be considered pack rats, and also are commonly used during construction projects.  At Midwest Storage Containers, we are committed to meeting the needs of our customers by providing quick, friendly and reliable services. We offer great rates on our storage containers and want to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Used Cargo Containers for Sale

Choosing a used cargo container can be confusing due to vague language people use to describe their container that they are selling, and also because many people describe containers using many different terms that are not always universal or true. At Midwest Storage Containers, we want to guide you into making the best decision in a simple way. We only sell quality cargo containers to ensure that our customers are happy, and because we do not want to mislead our customers.

Types of Used Containers for Sale

There are two main types of containers: Standard Ocean Cargo containers and the Domestic Shipping containers.

Ocean cargo containers are used for shipping goods both overseas and domestically. These containers generally are made of COR-TEN steel. COR-TEN steel is preferred as it’s the highest quality container steel and it is preferred on all components of the container. Shipping containers come in two standard lengths: 20′ and 40′ long.

Domestic shipping containers are usually 48ft and 53ft long. In addition to the length domestic shipping containers are also wider than international shipping containers. Domestic containers are 8ft 6in wide, whereas all of the 20ft and 40ft international shipping containers are 8ft wide.

When you decide to buy a cargo container from us, we understand the importance of purchasing quality products and want to provide you with the best products. We not only sell a product, but when you purchase from us you also are buying quality, personal attention and great customer service! No matter if you are looking for a single container, or 100 containers we have the stock and are ready to help you with your needs. We inspect every container prior to delivery so you know you’re buying a high quality container without defects. Midwest Storage Containers is committed to helping you find the right used container to meet your needs. We carefully examine all the containers we sell. If you have questions about our cargo containers or how to pick a used storage container, call us! 1-888-782-2363