20 Foot Storage ContainerIf your business needs large storage containers to ship items across the country or even across the ocean, the team at Midwest Storage Containers can help.  Midwest Storage Containers specializes in providing affordable storage solutions, fast nationwide delivery, and high quality shipping containers to clients in Naperville, IL and around the country.  In addition to the high quality storage containers you can expect to receive from Midwest Storage Containers, you can also count on our team to provide personalized attention and excellent customer service to each and every one of our valued customers.

Connex Storage Containers For Naperville, IL

Midwest Storage Containers sells connex containers that are durable, weather tight and affordable.  These containers can be purchased new or used and the professionals at Midwest Storage Containers inspect each and every container before it is shipped out to ensure the quality.  Midwest Storage Containers can deliver connex containers to you anywhere across the US and you can choose from numerous sizes ranging from 10-40 feet.  If you need multiple containers, we can meet those needs as well and can provide you with as many as 100 containers.  The containers can even be modified to meet your unique needs by adding shelves, partitions, extra doors and/or turbine vents.

Multiple Uses For Storage Containers

There are a wide variety of uses for large connex storage containers that Midwest Storage Containers supply.  Common uses for connex storage containers include:

  • Government agencies and the military
  • Business shipping products and equipment across the country and around the world
  • Document storage
  • Onsite shop or “toolbox”
  • Flexible warehousing
  • Tool and equipment storage
  • Seasonal storage

Fast Shipping, Super Customer Service

Midwest Storage Containers can get your containers to you fast — usually within two to five days if you have ordered containers without significant modifications.  All you need to do to be ready for the delivery of these connex containers is to have a delivery area ready that is level, smooth and firm.  We are able to deliver containers on cement, pavement, asphalt, gravel or packed dirt.  We can deliver to residential or commercial addresses in Naperville, IL or anywhere across the country.

For more information about the storage containers we offer, or the process for placing an order, contact our customer service team at 1-888-782-2363 to learn more or to request a free estimate.  Our team will be happy to help you meet your specific needs and will respond to your inquiry fast.