48' shipping containerIf you ship materials across the country on a regular basis, you know how expensive the process can be.  Purchasing used shipping containers can save you money but, to maximize the value, you have to really pay attention to the type and quality of container you purchase.  Midwest Storage Containers only sells high quality used shipping containers to people in Chicago IL, and thoroughly examines each and every container so that they can make the best possible recommendation for what will best meet your needs.  Midwest Storage Containers has an extensive selection of connex containers as well as many used containers to transport your cargo.

Types of Cargo Containers

Midwest Storage Containers can help you pick the best used shipping containers to meet your unique needs.  There are generally two types of containers that are available to you:

Ocean Cargo Containers:  These containers can be used to ship both internationally (overseas) and domestically.  They are made of COR-TEN steel and are one of the highest quality containers in the industry.  Standard sizes include both 20’ and 40’.  If you need a larger container, you can use a 40’ or 45’ high cube.

Domestic Shipping Containers:  Domestic shipping containers are made from aluminum or steel and are only shipped within the United States.  Domestic shipping containers come in a variety of sizes as well including 45’, 48’ and 53’.

Condition of Used Shipping Containers

If you are making a used shipping container purchase, you should also be mindful of the condition of the container.  The seller will typically use a grading system to communicate the condition.  “One-trip/new” is the best condition of a used container and means that the container is being sold to you quickly after arriving in the US.  A “cargo-worthy” container means that while it is no longer new, it is still in good enough condition to be used for overseas shipping.  A container deemed “wind and watertight” is wind and watertight but has not been inspected to determine if it is cargo worthy.  An “as is” used cargo container is not guaranteed in any way and may leak or be damaged.

Reliable Advice On Used Shipping Containers

If you are in the Chicago area and are in need of a used cargo container, call the team at Midwest Storage Container for assistance.  Our crew is entirely committed to meeting the needs of our customers.  We provide prompt, friendly, affordable and reliable service and will help you find exactly what you are looking for. Normal delivery time is generally between two and five days.  Call 1-888-782-2363 to learn more!