Conex Boxes For Sale MichiganIf you’re looking for a Conex shipping container in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Midwest Storage Containers can help you not only find affordable shipping containers, we’ll help you get exactly the right Conex container for your needs with our customizable Conex shipping containers. Whether you’re considering the possible uses of Conex shipping containers, searching for new or used shipping containers, or simply want to find durable Conex shipping containers in Ann Arbor, you’re in luck. Our Conex shipping containers are top of the line, and whether they’re new or used, custom made shipping containers or standard Conex containers, you can bet that our Conex containers will meet your needs perfectly.

Conex Container Uses

The uses of Conex shipping containers are virtually endless, especially depending upon where you want to use your shipping containers. If you’re looking for Conex shipping containers to ship domestically or internationally, we have seaworthy containers and weatherproof containers that will get the job done while protecting your belongings or merchandise in the shipping container. We also have Conex containers that are better suited to use on land, providing a durable and simple storage or work space. Whether you’re in need of a commercial or residential Conex shipping container, you’ll find that the uses of Conex shipping containers depend on your needs. You may use a Conex container for government or military use, business shipping, document storage, on-site work spaces for construction zones or at-home work spaces, warehouse spaces, tool or equipment storage, storage during a move, or even seasonal storage. Whatever your needs may be, our new and used and custom Conex shipping containers can get the job done.

New and Used Conex Shipping Containers

Depending on the application for your Conex shipping container, you may choose to rent or purchase a new or used Conex container. Whatever choice you make, you’ll find that you can depend on us to get you the best quality Conex shipping container available.  We don’t deal in junky containers at the end of their useful life.  The containers we provide you are still ocean cargo worthy.

Weatherproof COR-TEN Steel Containers

One of the most important features of a Conex shipping container is its water and weather resistance. If you don’t have a weatherproof Conex container, then your belongings inside are susceptible to damage from the weather outside. To protect your belongings, we ensure that we have COR-TEN steel Conex containers, which means that they are made of with a self healing steel, and are all durable, weatherproof shipping containers.

Custom Conex Containers Sizes and Features

If you’re looking for a custom Conex shipping container to meet your shipping container needs specifically, we can provide and install custom Conex container features, including altering the size of a standard Conex shipping container, painting your shipping container, adding flanges for shipping container shelves, partitions, vents, or doors, and more. To get the right Ann Arbor, Michigan Conex shipping container for you, contact Midwest Storage Containers at (888)782-2363, and get a free quote for your Ann Arbor Conex containers.