Shipping containers are categorized by their grade – which is decided by a professional surveyor who is trained to look for just how durable a container is. Other than those new or used categories, shipping containers are also categorized by their measurements. Not sure how to deduce how much space you need for your items or what grade would be best? Let us help by either contacting us and speaking to one of our friendly experts or read more about how to choose a container.

Grades Of Shipping Containers

Storage containers have grades assigned to them by professional surveyors. These surveyors are used to ensure grading is fair and held up to industry standards. The grades are:

  • One Trip/New: Manufactured overseas and shipped right here to the heartland. These containers only land for a short while before being sold or rented to you. It can’t get newer than that.
  • Cargo-Worthy: Although this grade isn’t considered new anymore, it’s still certifiably tough. This grade is wind and watertight, and still structurally sound enough to withstand the rigorous nature of oversea shipping.
  • Wind and Water Tight: This grade can withstand the elements, but may not be able to withstand the rough nature of overseas shipping. But it can and will protect any and all of your valuables!
  • As Is: This grade is the “see what you get” type. It might have leaks or damage, but it could still be a useful storage solution depending on your needs.

New Shipping Containers

These are the newest, fresh-off-the-boat shipping containers. They’re in tip-top shape and ready to store whatever you need. These containers can also be used to ship freight around the country or even overseas. They also can be used as top-of-the-line storage for all those extra space-takers in your home or office. A new shipping container gives you the peace of mind that your items will be protected with the highest quality container you can find. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that your items are secure in a container that’s ready to be exposed to the elements, without any worry of it wearing down, springing leaks, or rusting out.

Used Shipping Containers

Though not as fresh off the line as the new or One Trip grade shipping containers, used containers can still be a great storage solution for your home or business. Some can still be used for cargo shipping, and almost all are certified weatherproof by a professional surveyor. Don’t let the used nature of these shipping containers fool you – they’re still just as durable and just as great at protecting your valuables. Used shipping containers are a safe and reliable option at an affordable price. Even used, our containers are clean and in sound condition, guaranteeing that you’re satisfied with them. No matter the size, style, or level of use you choose, all used containers are inspected for corrosion, holes, water damage, and dents, and come with sturdy doors and locks.

Still Not Sure? Let Us Help!

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