Convenient Rent-to-Own Storage Containers for All Needs and Budgets

Maybe you need to rent a shipping container for now, but what happens if you’d like to own your container later? Through our partnership with MyContainerRental, you can rent to own a storage container of your choosing from Midwest Storage Containers.

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How Rent-To-Own Storage Containers Work

Pick the Container You Want

Even though a third party is involved, you work directly with Midwest Storage Containers to pick exactly what you’re looking for. Learn more about our storage container options.

Multiple Term Options

Get a rent-to-own shipping container to match your budget with multiple term options available. Choose a term that’s 12, 24, 36 or 48 months in length.

Credit is a Non-Factor

Regardless of which rent-to-own option you decide on, your credit won’t need to be checked.

Pay No Interest

No matter which term option you pick, you won’t pay any interest for your rent-to-own shipping container.

Full Inventory Available

Even if you choose a rent-to-own solution, rest easy knowing you can still pick from Midwest Storage Containers’ full inventory of storage options.

Fast and Easy

The rent-to-own sales and approval process is still fast and easy, despite a third party being involved.

Rent-to-Own Shipping Container FAQ

Just reach out to Midwest Storage Containers and let us know your interested in our Rent to Own Program and we will fill the application out for you, and find the right container for you!

No, your credit won’t need to be checked. Complete the application from MyContainerRental, then a customer service representative will review your materials and get back to you with any follow-up.

You will pay for the first and last month’s rent upfront, then your rent-to-own shipping container will be delivered to you. A deposit is not required for most containers, however exclusions apply for containers that have been modified.

No, MyContainerRental is not a finance institution with typical terms and conditions. At the end of your term, if all payments have been made, you will own the shipping container you received from Midwest Storage Containers.

Yes, and in some instances if you pay off your container sooner than required you may get an early payoff discount. Discounts vary, and can be applied throughout the rent-to-own term, except for the last six months.

The waiver, which is through MyContainerRental, provides protection for your rent-to-own storage container in case something damages your unit that’s out of your control. Note that the contents within your container are not protected by this waiver — only the storage container is. With the liability damage waiver, should the worst occur you would be covered for the total remaining balance of your contract term.

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