New Container Specifications

New shipping containers come in a variety of sizes. Take a look at the comparison table to help you determine the right option for your storage needs.

New Containers

10′ x 8′ x 8′6"

PRICE: $$$$

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10' containers come new only and are specially made by the steamship line. They are great if you don't have enough room for a 20' Container

20′ x 8′ x 8′6"

PRICE: $$$

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20' containers are considered "plug and play." They also have a nice look without a shipping logo on the side and come with higher handles and lock boxes.

40′ x 8′ x 9′6"

PRICE: $$$$$

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40' units are the most expensive on the market but they look great and will give you the peace of mind that your storage solution is set up for the long term.

Used Container Specifications

Used shipping containers offer tremendous value. They are just as reliable but cost less. Review the comparison table to see if buying used is a better option for you.

We can help you find the perfect container for your needs.

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Used Containers

Standard 20' 20'x8' 6'x8'


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20' used containers are the most popular for homeowners and are often used as sheds or local storage options.

Standard 40' 40'x8' 6'x8'


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40' used containers are popular with farmers, commercial businesses, and people with land.

High Cube 40' 40'x9' 6'x8'


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The 40' High Cube is the most popular used container. They have a large footprint and extensive storage capacity all at a budget price.

Examining used shipping containers

We carefully examine all of the containers we sell using the following guidelines:

  1. Container must be wind and water tight with no light entering through any crack.
  2. Any rust areas must be only surface rust. Containers will accumulate surface rust long before a hole is formed.
  3. Doors must open and close correctly and completely with thoroughly intact door seals and sturdy floors with no soft spots.
  4. All inserts (repairs of holes are welded on the outside and caulked on the inside) should be properly installed and repainted.
  5. No corrosion and rust under door seals and hardware should exist.
  6.  No major dents on the sides or the roof should be present.
  7. No evidence of contamination or foul odors (e.g., hides can be transported in containers, leaving a strong odor).

Grades of shipping containers

One Trip/New
The container was manufactured in China and shipped to the U.S. It is being sold to you relatively quickly after arrival in the U.S.

The container is no longer considered “new,” but is still certified to ship goods overseas. It is wind and water tight and structurally can handle the rigors of overseas shipping.

Wind and Water Tight
The container is wind and water tight. While it may be cargo-worthy, a qualified surveyor has not inspected it to ensure that it is.

As Is
The container may have a leak or damage.

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