Conex Storage ContainersWhen purchasing a storage container, the majority of the features are the same. Sure, the quality of containers can vary, depending on the materials used or the quality grade that you choose. The question becomes, will the basic qualities of your storage container meet all of your needs? This day in age, it seems like just about anything can be customized. So, why not customize your storage container to fit your every need? At Midwest Storage Containers, we offer customizable options to any storage container that you purchase with us.

What Can be Customized?

By choosing to purchase your storage containers from our staff at Midwest Storage Containers, you’ll gain a partner on your side throughout the entire purchase process. We’ll listen to your needs and work to find you the most ideal storage container. Next, we’ll take note of what your container is missing when it comes to how you plan to utilize this storage unit. Our dedicated service team will work to customize your container in any way that you need. Why not get the extra work done in the beginning so that your storage container meets all of your expectations from day one? Commonly, our customers choose the following customizable options when purchasing one of our storage containers:

Paint Job – If you run a business and you want all of your storage containers to look the same, a custom paint job is a must.
Size – Maybe you don’t need all of the space that our storage containers provide. If you’d like to downsize your storage container, we can cut it down to your ideal size.
Ventilation – Some of our customers prefer their containers to be ventilated. Just let us know if you need the same, and we’ll get to work on your container!
Extra Doors – If one door on your container isn’t enough, an extra door may be just what you need. Let us tackle this custom project for you.
Shelving – Maximize the space within your storage container by adding in custom shelving for extra storage.
Security – The possessions that are stored within your storage container are valuable to you. Let us install a steel lock box to your storage container to give you the extra protection that you may need.

If you are in the market for a storage container, don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t fit your every need initially. By choosing Midwest Storage Containers, we can not only offer you a durable and affordable storage container, but we can customize it for you as well! To learn more, give us a call today at (888) 782-2363 or shoot us an email at