How to Examine a Used Container Before Purchasing Shipping Containers For Sale in OhioIf you’re looking for a used shipping container in Ohio that’s right for your needs, you’ll need to know how to examine a used cargo container as well as the differences between the grades of shipping containers. Especially if you’re looking for a used shipping container for overseas shipping or long-term shipping needs, you’ll want to be sure that the used cargo container you invest in is secure, weather-resistant, clean, and durable enough for your shipping needs. That’s why Midwest Storage Containers wants to help you understand the ins and outs of evaluating used shipping containers – so that you don’t have to worry about choosing the wrong container or ending up with a container that is less durable than it should be.

Evaluating Shipping Container Grades

Understanding shipping container grades is a crucial part of examining used cargo containers. You’ll be able to choose from four grades of used containers, each of which are best suited for different types of shipping jobs and different lengths of use. To begin with, we offer new/one-trip shipping containers, which are perfectly safe to ship overseas or domestically, as they are guaranteed weather-resistant, clean, and secure. There are also cargo-worthy containers, which are no longer like new but are certified for overseas shipping, as well as wind-and-water tight containers. A wind-and-water tight shipping container is not certified for overseas shipment, so it should be looked over closely for damage or leaks before you make your purchase. The final grade of shipping containers are as-is containers, which may have leaks or damage and may be unsuitable for overseas or long trips through inclement weather. Overall, your specific shipping needs will determine the best grade of shipping container for you, and you’ll want to examine your cargo container carefully before making a purchase, no matter what container grade you choose.

Examining Used Shipping Containers

When evaluating used cargo containers, it’s important to look over your container thoroughly both inside and outside. It may help to make a list of your priorities and needs so that you can be sure a container meets all of the criteria for a good shipping container. When examining shipping containers, shut yourself inside, and look for leaks of sunlight through cracks and holes. If the container is truly wind-and-water tight and weather-resistant, you will find a well-sealed container. You should also be sure that the container doors open and close correctly to ensure your items will be secure and protected from the weather. Check for corrosion and rust throughout the entire container so that you have an idea of how long your container will last, and look for major dents. If there are dents in a container, this could be a cause of concern. Finally, check for a clean container, free of smells or residue. For help examining used shipping containers in Ohio, contact Midwest Storage Containers at 612-920-3540 or toll-free at 1-888-782-2363, or send an email to