40 ft storage container40-foot cargo storage. That’s a lot of feet!  You could hold a dance class in a 40 foot cargo storage container. You could have an overwhelming good use of space as a tool shed with 40-foot cargo containers. You could pack up two normal sized apartments with 40 foot cargo storage and ship your home right overseas! There are endless things that you can do with our cargo storage containers and we intend on helping you figure out how to put it to good use! At Midwest Storage Containers, we have cargo storage containers, ISO containers, and Conex boxes, both for rent and for sale. Our 40 foot containers are great for…

Conex Containers Uses

With 40 feet of space, you are bound to find some use for it! Available for both renting and/or buying our 40 foot cargo storage is great for government agencies, military storage, businesses shipping product across the US and around the world, document storage, onsite workshops, flexible warehousing, tool and equipment storage, seasonal storage, and basically, anything you could possibly want!

ISO Containers

Our 40 foot cargo storage systems are also considered ISO containers. They are suitable for multiple methods of transport, including by truck, by train, and by ship. Our ocean cargo containers are made with the highest quality container steel on the market, keeping whatever you own within the cargo containers as safe as possible.

On Site Storage Container

Whether you keep it here with us as storage, or enjoy your space elsewhere, we can customize it to your needs. We offer both new and used conex boxes and they are all certified ISO containers. Whether you rent or buy, you always have the option of having an on site storage container, if needed. Customize your Conex box with custom paint, shelves and extra doors, etc. We can do whatever it takes to help you find the perfect space you need.

So if you are looking for 40 foot cargo storage and need something fast and reliable, consider Midwest Storage Containers. The interior of our cargo containers are all weatherproof, ventilated, contain a security lock box, come with marine-grade wood flooring, and are all clean and inspected before any sale is ever done. The exterior is made for all types of weather using ISO containers made from rugged steel construction. Offering free estimates today, give Midwest Storage Containers a call toll free at (888) 782-2363.