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Midwest Storage Containers offers a wide range of shipping containers for sale or rent in Detroit and throughout Michigan that are suitable for a variety of uses. All our new and used shipping containers have been inspected and are extremely durable and versatile. Make use of them for cargo shipping one day and drop off storage containers the next. No matter where you are in Michigan, we ensure easy delivery and that each shipping container is of the highest quality, affordable, and the exact storage solution to fit your needs.

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We Deliver Anywhere

We can drop off your new or used storage containers in Detroit, anywhere else in Michigan, or throughout the United States with Midwest storage depots based in Chicago and Minneapolis. Satellite locations are also scattered throughout the country.

Top-Notch Quality

Enjoy a vast selection of the highest quality shipping containers for sale in Michigan and throughout the Midwest. We have formed long-lasting relationships with the industry’s largest shipping lines and leasing companies, so you have access to a huge selection of high-end options.

Affordable and Practical

Acquire the best units at a terrific sale price. Shipping containers are a great long-term investment with a very fast ROI compared to other storage solutions.

Exceptional Service Throughout Michigan

Our unmatched customer service is something we take pride in. Enjoy our straightforward sales process while purchasing or renting from a company that has a proven track record of success.

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