Buy New & Used Shipping Containers in OhioMidwest Storage Containers, a division of The Big Blue Box, has new and used shipping containers for sale in the Cleveland, OH area. All containers are available for purchase by companies who will be moving large amounts of materials and products to other parts of the country and the world, or to individuals for any other storage, shipping, or customization needs. Our team has earned a reputation for offering a wide variety of durable storage options and building excellent relationships with clients. Midwest Storage Containers can provide you with the size of shipping container you need, and you can feel confident in the knowledge that all of our shipping containers are inspected for quality and pass a thorough inspection before a sale is complete.

What Type Of Storage Container Do You Need?

It is important to understand the terminology used in the shipping-container industry, starting with the two categories of shipping containers. Typically, shipping containers are divided into two categories—Overseas shipping containers and Domestic shipping containers. Overseas shipping containers are made of Cor-Ten (or Conex) steel, which is considered the best possible material for the specific purpose of shipping overseas. Domestic shipping containers are usually made of aluminum or steel.

What Size Container Do You Need?

Once you understand the basics of shipping containers, you will next want to work on selecting the size of the container that suits your usage needs best. Ocean cargo containers offered by Midwest Storage Containers range in size from 20 feet long to 40 feet long. The height for these units ranges from 8-feet 6-inches to 9-feet 6-inches. All ocean cargo containers are a standard eight feet wide.

By contrast, Domestic Shipping Containers come in the following lengths: 45-feet; 48-feet; and 53-feet. The height of each of those containers is 9-feet 6-inches; the width for each container is also 102 inches. When consulting with our staff, be sure to ask about the grading of the containers you are interested in. The terms used are “one trip/new,” “cargo-worthy,” “wind- and watertight,” and “as-is.”

Partner With Midwest Storage Containers For New Or Used Containers

Midwest Storage Containers recommends that you select a container that is certified wind and watertight, that doors open and close without issue, and that there are no places of excessive rust. Additionally, our team will check for corrosion and rust near door seals and around hardware. The bottom line is that our team will find a container that meets your unique needs, whatever they may be. Call us at 888-782-2363 for more information.