Used Ocean Cargo Containers For Sale in Ohio width=Shipping something across seas? How exactly can you be confident that whatever you are shipping will stay dry and secure? At Midwest Storage Containers, we help our clients feel confident and protected by the quality of our product. Even used ocean cargo containers can be a vital component in getting your items overseas safely and securely. Serving Ohio and the rest of the United States, Midwest Storage Containers offers a variety of different cargo containers for a multitude of uses.

Our Ocean Cargo Container

Every ocean cargo container that we carry is made of COR-TEN steel. This is the highest quality steel that is on the market and is highly preferable when going against all different types of weather. When buying used, we split your option into different grades, ranging from new to “as is.” Our ocean cargo containers come in 4 different sizes with 20’ and 40’ being the two standard lengths. Below is a list of our grades for buying a used container:

  • One Trip/New: The only reason this container has “one trip” is because it had to be sent here from China. Nothing has been in it and it is considered to be completely brand new and ready for the taking.
  • Cargo-worthy: While not considered “new”, this container is still certified to ship overseas. The quality of the container is still intact, keeping a structurally sound wall and proven to still be wind and watertight. It can absolutely hand the roughness of the seas.
  • Wind and Watertight: While this container has all of the attributes of a cargo-worthy container, it has not yet been inspected by a qualified surveyor to be sure. People buy this grade when they have experience determining quality containers.
  • As Is: This container might have a leak or damage and for this reason, using it as an ocean cargo container may not be ideal. It is, however, great for a multitude of other uses, domestically and at home.

When buying a used ocean cargo container, it’s important to get something that is going to fit your needs. There are definitely questions to ask and things to look out for. Is it watertight? Are the doors sealed and intact? Is there any rust or corrosion? Any major odors? These are all great questions to be asking when selecting your used ocean cargo container. For more information or to order yours in Marion, Ohio today, call Midwest Storage Containers at (888) 782-2363 or email to order your used ocean cargo container right now!.