Affordable Used Cargo Containers Delivered To Your DoorMoving across the US? Planning for such a big move can be stressful and draining. Many people wish they could just snap their fingers and the whole moving process would take care of itself. The truth is that this is more than likely an exciting time for you, but dealing with all of the furniture and boxes that you’ve built up over the years in your existing house can take all of the fun out of your big move! So, rather than renting a storage van that you’ll have to drive across the country, consider investing in cargo storage from our team at Midwest Storage Containers. Our cargo shipping containers can bring your household to you!

Convenient Storage Option

What is great about the conex boxes that we offer our customers is that they can tolerate whatever mother nature decides to throw their way when it comes to weather. Additionally, these cargo containers can be purchased new or used and can assist you every step of the way. At Midwest Storage Containers, our service doesn’t stop at the “cash register” like so many of our competitors. Not only do we offer convenient and affordable ISO containers, but we can even take care of arranging the transportation of your storage container to your new residence across the country. Each of our conex boxes go through a thorough inspection before they are sold to our customers so that we can ensure your move goes as smooth as possible. No matter where you are headed, our ISO containers can be delivered any place in America, quickly!

Customizable Cargo Shipping Container

When purchasing one of our new or used cargo shipping containers, it may not be exactly what you are looking for. With Midwest Storage Containers, that is not an issue because we offer cargo shipping container customization. Want your conex box to be painted a certain color? No problem! Additionally, we specialize in adding ventilation, shelves, doors, and can even reduce the size of your shipping container if needed.

If you are prepping for a big cross country move and you feel overwhelmed with the thought of getting all of your possessions to your new home safely, investing in affordable and reliable cargo shipping containers may not be a bad idea. Give our team at Midwest Storage Containers a call today at (888) 782-2363 to set up a free estimate on a new, used or customized conex container. You’ve got nothing to lose, so act now!