20 Foot Storage ContainerCargo storage containers offer a tough-as-nails, efficient, and convenient storage option for just about any storage need. Industries that range from retail stores to construction contractors are using standard cargo containers as reliable storage options. Cargo storage containers are also a convenient storage option for individuals and homeowners who are in need of a weatherproof storage solution.  Not sure how you’re going to tackle your unique storage problem? Don’t worry, on site storage containers from Midwest Storage Containers can offer you convenient storage solutions while providing a long list of benefits.

Cargo Container Portability Offers Storage Solutions

Not sure how you’re going to find the perfect storage container exactly where and when you need it?  On site storage containers by Midwest Storage Containers are the perfect portable storage solution, so they can be delivered to just about any location where they are needed. And don’t worry, we’ll bring it to you when you need it! All you have to do is ensure that your site has adequate space available for the size cargo container that you are renting or buying, and that the surface if relatively firm and flat.

Cargo Storage Offers Protected Storage

One of the reasons that cargo storage containers are the most convenient and flexible storage option is because they are durable and are built to offer protection from wind, rain, sun, and theft. Regardless of exactly how you use your Conex boxes, you’ll be guarded by the same sturdy protection offered by the cargo storage containers at Midwest Storage Containers. Whether you are using one of our on site storage containers for storing expensive equipment and tools, to store furniture, or if you’re using one of our customized ISO containers as a construction site office, the same reliable heavy steel construction offers you and your items the best protection from the elements.

Uses For Conex Boxes

For shipping by rail, truck, or ship, cargo storage ISO containers have been in use for a long time, and there’s a reason for that. They’re built to last forever, take a beating, and safely protect your assets. At Midwest Storage Containers, we sell and rent Conex boxes for a wide variety of uses. We offer standard Conex boxes as well as ISO containers that are customized to fit your exact need. Our cargo containers offer a convenient storage option for:

  • Retail Businesses that are growing or are in need seasonal storage space.
  • Business Offices undergoing renovations that need waterproof storage for furniture and files.
  • Construction Contractors in need of a safe on-site equipment storage solution.
  • Builders who want to set up a temporary office at a work site.
  • Homeowners who are moving or renovating and need convenient temporary on site storage.

Free Quote For Cargo Storage Containers

For a free estimate to buy or rent a storage shipping container, call Midwest Storage Containers today at 1-888-782-2363, or email our offices at sales@midweststoragecontainers.com.