Chicago Conex ContainersMidwest Storage Containers can help you solve all of your container needs quickly, with a wide variety of rugged, airtight, and inexpensive new or used container options.  Midwest Storage Containers sells connex boxes to those in the Chicago, IL area. These are sometimes called ISO containers, conex boxes, cargo containers and international shipping containers. In addition to providing high quality storage containers, we can deliver these containers to Chicago or anywhere in the US. We can customize the containers and will offer personal attention and service for every order.

Reliable and High Quality Domestic And International Shipping Containers

The team at Midwest Storage Containers understands that what you are shipping matters to you, and it needs to be safe on its journey. So, we offer conex containers in a wide variety of sizes and styles that can be used to meet your needs, whether you are shipping domestically or internationally.  If you are shipping domestically, our domestic shipping containers should meet your needs, made from aluminum or steel, and they will protect the contents and keep your items safe.

If you are shipping internationally, we offer ocean cargo containers that are even more durable than the domestic shipping containers and can withstand rough seas and harsh weather often encountered in overseas shipping.  Our ocean cargo containers are made from COR-TEN steel, the highest quality steel used for conex containers, so you can be confident that the container will be more reliable and will outlast those made with other materials.

Customized Conex Containers For Sale In Chicago

We can also customize your shipping container to meet any specific needs you have.  For example, we offer additional security with steel lock boxes that can be welded onto your container, as an extra security precaution. We can also install shelves, doors, and extra ventilation to your container and have been able to meet many other customization requests.

If you are in the Chicago area and are in need of a storage container, contact the team at Midwest Storage Containers at 1-888-782-2363 to speak with one of our customer service representatives.  We offer containers in multiple sizes from 10 to 40 feet and can provide quantities from one to 100 or more.  We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate and answer any questions you might have about getting the best conex storage container to meet your needs.  We will ship containers nationwide, and offer affordable prices and the highest quality containers on the market.