conex storage container for sale WIAre you downsizing, remodeling, upsizing or do you need onsite storage in Wisconsin? If this is the case, our team at Midwest Storage Containers has top of the line conex boxes for sale. While storing your existing items may not be on the top of your mind, it is likely one of the most important things to consider.

New and Used Cargo Containers Wisconsin

Specializing in strong, weather resistant and affordable ISO containers, the team at Midwest Storage Containers have exactly what you have been looking for when it comes to your shipping and storage needs. Some of our customers just need one conex container, while others need a large number of portable storage containers. We can handle your order up to 100 cargo containers or more! What you get with a new or used cargo storage container from Midwest Storage Containers is a high quality product, customization and affordable pricing. No matter where you are in Wisconsin, or where you may be headed across the country, our staff is eager to take care of you with our reliable shipping containers.

Custom Conex Containers Wisconsin

Not many people realize that our conex containers can be customized to fit your needs. We are your full service storage container contractor and are ready to modify your new or used storage container to fit your exact needs. Looking for a custom paint job? We’ve got you covered. Do you need to add some shelves, vents or even an extra door? Not a problem! Are you looking for an ISO container that is smaller than our standard containers? Just let us know and we’ll cut one down to your preferred size. The opportunities are endless when it comes to customizing your conex container from Midwest Storage Containers. Just bring your ideas to the table and we’ll get to work on getting you the perfect conex container.

Conex Containers at an Affordable Price

Here at Midwest Storage Containers, we will never take advantage of our customers financially. Our staff has a passion for satisfying the needs of our customers in Wisconsin. For those looking to purchase an affordable used conex container, we provide you with honest evaluations of our containers, and we never try to hide anything.

So, if you are looking to invest in a conex container in the near future, our crew at Midwest Storage Containers has plenty for sale! Give us a call today toll free at (888) 782-2363 to request a free estimate on our new or used conex boxes for sale in Wisconsin.