Connex Storage UnitsConex containers are large cargo containers that are often used to ship materials and equipment domestically or internationally.  While that may be one of their most frequent functions, conex containers can also be used for storage or literally anything you need!  Midwest Storage Containers offers used and new conex containers to customers in Springfield, IL and surrounding area and can help you find the perfect size and type of container to meet all of your unique needs.

Affordable and High Quality Conex Containers, Springfield, IL

Midwest Storage Containers can deliver a conex container to any location across the United States, and all that is required is a fairly level, smooth, and firm space to accommodate the size you choose (you will need approximately 80 feet of clearance for a 20’ container and 100 feet of clearance for a 40’ container).  Our experienced team can ensure that your container is affordable and of the highest possible quality so that you can be sure that it will keep the items inside safe and dry.

Conex containers are extremely mobile and versatile and can be customized if you need additional shelving, ventilation, doors, added security, or even a new paint job. Midwest Storage Containers will provide you with personalized service and work directly with you to create a storage container that does what you need it to. Whether you need one container or 100, Midwest Storage Containers will fill your order quickly, with fast nationwide delivery.  We inspect each and every container before it leaves our facility to be sure that it meets our high quality standard.

New and Used Shipping And Storage Containers

When you reach out to the team at Midwest Storage Containers, you may have questions about whether you should purchase a new or a used container.  Understanding exactly what you are getting is especially important if you intend to use the container to ship items long distances overseas.  Our crew can help you identify the most important elements for you, including budgetary constraints, longevity, quality, and level of wear and tear.

So, no matter what you need to use a conex container for — shipping internationally, moving your office from one part of town to another, or just storing personal belongings during an upcoming residential renovation project, Midwest Storage Containers can help you find a container that will work for you.  Call our team at 1-888-782-2363 for a free estimate!