Storage Container for Moving MNWe recently discovered an article on the world wide web that focuses on all the different ways you can use conex containers. People have made barns, beach houses, decks and even little pop-up shops, all out of conex containers put together. You can also put a roof between two boxes that will give you a big garage at a fraction of the cost of a traditional building. Swimming pools, playgrounds, even an eco-container bridge, are all examples of how people use their imaginations to create a world filled with multiple ways to utilize this great product. At Midwest Storage Containers, the sky’s the limit for conex containers in the Wausau, WI area.

Standard Conex Box Usage

So, let’s say we forget about our imaginations for a second and talk about using your conex container for what it is essentially made to do – store and ship. Our conex containers are high quality and built to last. We offer reliable conex containers that are made to ship across the U.S. and even across the ocean, all while keeping your items safe and intact. We offer a variety of sizes and styles to fit exactly what your needs are. Buying a brand new conex shipping container means that you are buying the highest quality possible. It is sturdy, clean, and safe so that you will not need to worry about anything you plan to ship. Our international containers are cargo worthy, meaning they are airtight and waterproof so that nothing gets in even during the heaviest of ocean storms. They have double door seals, marine grade wood floors, tie down points throughout the container and are all cor ten steel.

Used Shipping Containers

At Midwest Storage Containers, some of our top used containers are just as good as the brand new ones. If you are looking for a used container, you can find one to fit your budget and that meets you quality requirements here at Midwest Storage Containers. We list our used containers as “cargo worthy,” “wind and water tight,” and “as-is.” These are the standards the industry uses and ensures that you get what you ordered once your container is delivered.

Customizable Storage Container Options

Here’s the fun part, turn your imagination back on for another second! Anything that you are thinking about doing to your container, we can help! It doesn’t have to be extravagant – even if you’d like just a lock box added onto your container, we can easily weld it on for you! Want a man door or even roll-up doors, we can do that too. Whatever your customization may be, large or small, we can work with you to make sure it has everything you need to let your imagination run wild!

For more information about our conex containers and how even Wausau, WI residents use Midwest Storage Containers for all of their conex needs, call us today at (888) 782-2363 or email and we will give you a free estimate right away!