Custom Storage ContainerCustom storage containers have become a new age way to really take care of your items and belongings. It’s an easy and affordable way to either transport items across the country, or even the world. It’s also an easy and affordable way to add storage space right where you are and keep it there for life. Whatever your needs may be, Midwest Storage Containers in Illinois has you covered. We offer custom storage containers to fit the needs of whatever ideas you have in mind!

Custom Painting

Customizing your container is half the fun! We want to be able to fulfill your needs and get exactly what you want out of the product. So making an improvement like custom painting is a no brainier! We will give it a new paint job so that your storage container is completely your own!

Adding Flanges for Shelves

If you are using your storage container as a more stationary product, shelving is definitely the way to go! We can add flanges for shelves, partitions, extra doors and/or turbine vents. Ideally, we want your container to be as functional as possible for you. With a new paint job and customized shelving space, this storage container could easily be turned into the perfect stationary tool shed or other exterior work space.

Cut Down Containers to Fit Your Size Needs

If ‘go big or go home’ is not the right slogan for your storage container, then we can trim it down for you! We’ll cut down the size of your container and add some custom painting to make sure it is the right amount of space that you need. We cut down containers to fit your size needs and the overall look and feel of the storage container.


Looking for more security for your container? We also have the ability to install a steel lock box to your container as an added measure to the already powerful standard lock rods. There are so many uses for one of our custom storage containers and the more you customize it, the better it will suit you! If you don’t care about the look and you are solely looking for something to safely ship across the world, we’ve got you covered there too! All you’ve got to do is select a container from our large used section!

Using one of the custom storage containers from Midwest Storage Containers means that you get what you want at a price you can afford. For more information regarding custom storage containers in IL, call us today at (888) 782-2363.