Custom Storage Containers IllinoisWhen you think of conex storage containers, you might think of using them as shipping containers or simply as a storage container in a storage yard. However, with Midwest Storage Containers, we make sure that you’re able to use your storage container in any way you’d like by offering customer storage container additions and modifications. With a custom storage container, you can bet that, whatever your storage needs may be, you’ll have exactly the container you need to fulfill them. Our Illinois storage containers are the perfect storage solution, offering a range of conex container sizes that can be delivered to your home or business. Whether it’s extra storage for a limited amount of time while you renovate your home, or you’re in need of a more permanent storage container for use on your business property, we’ll help you make sure your custom storage container has everything you’ll need – and everything you might not think to need.

Storage Container Additions

When you look at a conex storage container, it will look just like every other container out there – that is, until you add your own custom storage additions. The beauty of custom storage containers is that, while the uses of storage containers are already extensive, with custom storage container modifications and additions, the number of ways to use a conex storage container can significantly increase. When you’re thinking of purchasing a storage container, consider the possibilities of a custom storage container instead that can look and feel exactly like you want and need it to. We offer custom painting so that you can display your company logo or any other words or designs, partitions to make your storage a little more organized, turbine vents to ensure better airflow, and extra doors for easier access and more flexibility. We are even able to cut down our conex containers so that you can have the best sized storage container for your needs without having to worry about it being just a bit too big or too small.

Custom Storage Container Uses

If you’re looking for a custom storage container that will help to make storing your property easier, Midwest Storage Containers can help you choose the best sized storage container for your needs and get you the custom storage container additions that will make your storage container a more convenient, simple storage solution. Whether you’re in need of Illinois custom commercial storage or residential storage, we’ll be here to deliver and pick up your storage container and help you make it as versatile as it needs to be. Some common storage container uses include paperwork filing storage, property storage during moves or remodeling projects, work sheds, at-home office spaces, and construction site office spaces, all of which might require a few modifications in order to be ready for optimal use. If you’re in need of a custom storage container, contact us at 888-782-2363 or, and get a free estimate for a storage container complete with customizations.