International Shipping ContainersIf you or your business needs to ship a large load across the country (or even around the world), you likely know that your best option is a conex container.  Conex containers are durable, strong, weather resistant and will protect your cargo from the beginning of the journey to the end.  What you might not know is that these storage containers can actually be customized to meet any unique needs or specifications that you have.  Midwest Storage Containers specializes in helping customers in the Ann Arbor, Michigan and surrounding area find the ideal shipping or storage container for you.

Conex Container Customization

There are many ways that Midwest Storage Containers can customize your conex container to find exactly the container you are looking for at a great price::

  • Added steel lock box for added security
  • Shelving installation
  • Extra ventilation
  • Adding an extra door for ease of use
  • New paint
  • Adding partitions to effectively reduce the size of your container
  • Other customization requested by customers
  • Three sizes to choose from – 45’, 48’, 53’ in length
  • New or used containers available

Conex Container Delivery

Midwest Storage Containers will deliver your conex container to your desired location in Ann Arbor, MI or anywhere in the country.  All our team needs is for you to provide a flat, firm surface like cement, asphalt, even gravel or packed dirt will work, there is no need for additional site preparation.  If you happen to be able to offload your container yourself, our crew will provide you with a discount and we will deliver the container to you on a straight truck.  Before your new or used container leaves our facility, it will also be fully inspected to be sure that it meets our high quality standard.  We check for any damage, holes, corrosion, dents or water damage.  Your complete satisfaction is our goal.

You will also likely be equally pleased with our customer service as well as our pricing.  We offer competitive pricing based on your unique specifications and even offer a volume discount price.  We factor age, size and condition of each container into the price and can deliver anywhere across the United States.  We offer quantities from one to one hundred (or more)  and can get your container to you very quickly, most often in just a few days. You can call us directly at 1-888-782-2363 for more information or to request a quote for the conex container that you need.