Duluth Shipping ContainersAre you looking to ship products safely across the country or internationally? You never know what you will run into while traveling, so it is important for your goods and products to be protected every step of the way. When it comes to shipping containers in Duluth, MN, there is no better place to go than Midwest Storage Containers. Our team offers both used and new conex containers for both domestic and overseas at an affordable price.

Elite Quality Shipping Containers

When deciding on what type of shipping containers we wanted to carry, it was a no brainer. Conex containers was the easy answer. For shipping within the United States, our domestic shipping containers will provide all of the protection that you need to keep your products safe. Shipping products overseas is an entirely different animal. For international shipping, our Duluth MN shipping container team has ocean cargo containers made from COR-TEN steel, which is the highest quality steel on the market. Find yourself in a bad storm while shipping overseas? Your products will be safe and sound. At Midwest Storage Containers, we understand that time is valuable, which is why we offer nationwide 48 hour delivery options so that we do not delay your shipping trip.

Custom Cargo Containers Duluth MN

If you find a cargo container that has almost everything you desire, but may be missing a few key features, no need to worry. At Midwest Storage Containers, we offer customizable conex containers that can fit your every need. Bring your ideas to the table, and we’ll get to work for you. Whether you need a custom paint job, extra shelving, doors, ventilation, lock boxes or anything else, our expert staff can handle it at an affordable price.

New & Used Shipping Containers

Depending on your needs, we offer used and new conex cargo containers that are durable and long lasting. You can’t go wrong with going new, especially knowing that you’re the only one to ever own the particular container. If you’d prefer to go used, Midwest Storage Containers offers a variety of used conex containers ranging in quality.

Deciding on a reliable, affordable and strong shipping container should not be taken lightly. With shipping containers for sale in Duluth, MN give our team at Midwest Storage Containers a call today at (888) 782-2363 or email sales@midweststoragecontainers.com to request a free estimate. We’re committed to solving your shipping container needs fast!