How To Buy Quality Used Shipping Containers near Warren, MIBuying used is something that has seemingly become more standard. Why buy something new when you can get nearly the exact same quality for a fraction of the price? At Midwest Storage Containers, serving Warren and St Clair Shores, MI, we are delighted to help you understand the ins and outs of buying used shipping containers. We want you to have the knowledge and information needed to help you make this important, informed decision. This is why our team at Midwest Storage Containers breaks the process down and makes it simple and easy to understand.

Ocean vs. Domestic Containers

So, the first thing we feel like you should decide as someone looking for a used container is what type of container you would like. We have two types of containers at Midwest Storage Containers: an ocean cargo container and a domestic shipping container. The name is pretty self explanatory. Ocean cargo containers are the toughest and most durable around, which makes sense as they must be able to endure ocean storms and long hauls. Ocean containers can be used to ship items overseas and can be used to also ship items domestically too. Now, domestic shipping containers are only meant for national travel. Ocean containers are made up of COR-TEN steel, the highest quality around. Domestic shipping containers are generally made up of steel or aluminum. Depending on what your needs/wants are for your container we will help you determine which type of container you need to purchase.

Grading Containers

At Midwest Storage Solutions, we thought that the easiest way to provide clarity for our customers within the used container range would be to categorize it. Below are the following grades to choose from:

  1. One Trip/New: Brand new, only one trip to ship it to our warehouse, never owned container.
  2. Cargo Worthy: While this container is not new, it has the same qualities that any new container would have. It can still be shipped overseas as it is wind and water right and can handle the unknown climates and precipitation.
  3. Wind and Watertight: This category is done by a quick visualization. It has not been tested by a qualified surveyor but is likely wind and watertight and likely cargo-worthy.
  4. As Is: This container likely has some sort of damage or leak but can still get a large amount of tasks done that do not require a tight seal.

So no matter what type of shipping containers you choose, working with Midwest Storage Containers is the first decision you should ever make. For more information about us and our ability to serve Warren and St. Clair Shores, MI, give us a call today at 888-782-2363 or email