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New Cargo Shipping Containers for Sale

New Shipping ContainersWhen you’re shipping anything either domestically or internationally, you want to be sure that the container you choose, as well as the company you buy it from, is reliable, sturdy, and clean. When you choose Midwest Storage Containers, we make cleanliness and quality our main concerns, ensuring that you are as satisfied as we are with our conex containers. What better way to ensure that you get the best conex container possible than to purchase one of our new shipping containers? With a new cargo shipping container, you’re guaranteed to get the highest quality conex container available for a great price.

Comparing New and Used Conex Containers

When you first look into buying a cargo shipping container, you’ll find that you can either purchase a new or used conex container, and that there are varying levels of use to choose from depending on your needs. All of our conex containers are reliable and advertised accurately, so no matter what kind of container you’re searching for, we can provide it. Offering “one trip/new,” “cargo worthy,” “wind and water tight,” and “as is” conex containers, each level of use comes with its own amount of wear and tear.

When purchasing a conex container that is “cargo worthy,” you’ll find containers that are still able to be transported overseas, though they aren’t as pristine, clean, or unworn as new cargo containers. “Wind and water tight” containers may be just as reliable and seaworthy as “cargo worthy” containers, but they have not been inspected by a qualified surveyor to be sure that they are capable of withstanding overseas shipping. Finally, “as is” containers may have leaks or damage that, although unimportant in some instances depending on the intended use of the container, can be an issue for someone looking to ship their container overseas or simply store items that cannot become weather-worn. Overall, the best and only way to ensure you get a conex container that will meet your needs and be “good as new” is to purchase a new cargo shipping container from Midwest Storage Containers, ensuring that your container is as clean and sturdy as a conex container can be.

New Ocean and Domestic Cargo Containers

When purchasing a new cargo shipping container, you should be aware of your options to be sure that you’re getting exactly the container you want and need. This includes deciding between ocean and domestic cargo containers, and you should be properly informed of the merits of each before making your decision. Our ocean cargo containers are made from COR-TEN steel, the highest quality steel available for crafting conex containers, making them sturdier and more resilient that other cargo shipping containers. They can be used to ship items domestically and internationally, though they are usually only necessary when you’ll be shipping your items across bodies of water.

Domestic cargo containers are made either from aluminum or steel and are therefore less durable than ocean cargo containers, but that does not make them any less reliable when being used as intended. Although they are made from lower quality materials than ocean cargo containers, domestic containers are not made to be transported internationally across vast oceans. Instead, they remain in the United States and can be trusted to be as reliable in domestic waters as an ocean cargo container is on the international seas. Keep your shipping needs in mind when purchasing your new cargo shipping container, and count on our conex containers being the best quality and price to meet your domestic or international shipping needs.

Customize Your New Conex Container

Even when ordering your cargo shipping container new, there may be adjustments that you’d like to make, and that’s a simple process. Especially if you’re ordering a new cargo shipping container, getting exactly the container you want is easy and affordable, as you can request any specifications you’d like when ordering your new container, and we’ll do our best to meet your needs. Customizations can be as basic as a new paint job, and we also frequently install extra shelves, doors, and ventilation. For added protection, we offer steel lock boxes that can be welded onto your container, another layer of protection on top of the standard lock rods already in place. Whatever your customization needs, we’re happy to accommodate you, helping you purchase a new cargo shipping container that is everything you need and more.

For a quote on a new cargo shipping container, call Midwest Storage Containers at 1-888-782-2363, and take a look at the sizes available for new ocean and domestic cargo containers.

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