How to Buy Storage ContainersNeed a shipping container? Trying to decide if you need it new or used? At Midwest Shipping Containers, we have a variety of both! Let us help you make the best decision that’s right for you. Our experts will take you step by step to find the perfect shipping container fit for your exact needs.

New Containers

Similarly to a new car, there’s nothing like a brand new container. At Midwest Storage Containers, we guarantee that you will receive the highest quality conex container possible for a great price. So if you’ve already decided that you’d like to purchase a new container, consider what your needs are before you close the deal. We have both ocean cargo containers as well as domestic cargo containers. Ocean shipping containers are made with COR-TEN steel, which is the highest quality steel available on the market for containers. This makes them a little more resilient and sturdier than other cargo containers. Additionally, just because it’s ocean worthy, it doesn’t mean it can’t be shipped domestically. Likewise, our domestic cargo containers are made to be reliably worthy of shipping across the country. They are made with either aluminum or steel and can be trusted to keep your items safe during domestic shipping.

Used Containers

Our used containers come in a variety of different grades for usage. We have easily categorized all of our used containers to help our customers find the ideal one for them. Even our used containers have the ability to be shipped overseas. This container will be categorized as “cargo worthy.” Cargo Worthy containers mean that they aren’t new but are still certified to ship overseas. They are wind and water tight and they are known to handle the rigors of sea weather. The next category is “wind and watertight.” This is likely cargo-worthy but a qualified surveyor has not inspected it to ensure that it is. This is typically the category that gives you the most for your money. Finally, we have shipping containers that are sold “as is.” They may have a leak or damage but can still be used to ship certain items domestically or even used as a storage unit.

Whatever shipping container you decide, Midwest Storage Containers has got you covered. For more information on our shipping containers, or if you are deciding between new and used, give us a call today. Offering free estimates, contact us at (888) 782-2363 or send us an email at