International Shipping ContainersIf you’ve ever watched any sort of pirate movie, one of the most common lines that they say is, “Is she seaworthy?” Well, is she? At Midwest Storage Containers, we ask the same question too, except we aren’t referring to a ship! We are talking about ocean worthy cargo containers in St. Louis. No, our customers aren’t pirates but they do ask that ever so important question, “Is your shipping container seaworthy?” So, for all of your non-pirate-but-still-shipping-things-across-the-world friends, our answer is yes! Yes, we have ocean cargo containers in St. Louis that are ready to be shipped across the world!

What Does Ocean Worthy Mean?

Midwest Storage Containers is proud to offer ocean worthy cargo containers for shipping whatever you may need. Once we have a good idea of how you will use your container, we can offer tremendous advice on the container that’s right for you. We have various sizes and styles available to cover all different types of needs. To be ocean worthy, it must have the ability to withstand harsh, ocean storms. It must keep everything inside the container dry and fresh. It must basically be a box of steel. Wait…that’s exactly what it is!

Our Ocean Worthy Cargo Containers

Our ocean cargo containers are made from COR-TEN steel. This is the highest quality steel used for any type of conex containers. This material is the most reliable, and it is made to last longer than any other container. The flooring is marine-grade wood and has proper ventilation systems. Through proper building techniques and quality material, your conex shipping container will be the best you can possibly purchase. It is airtight, wind tight, and most definitely ocean worthy. This gives it the ability to keep your items safe from harm and even safe from theft. We also offer four different containers sizes so that you can find the best one that fits your needs.

At Midwest Storage Containers, we inspect and double check that each cargo container we sell is clean and usable before it leaves our warehouse. Each container comes with standard lock rods with the option of upgrading to steel lock boxes that can be welded for overseas shipping. We can deliver your ocean worthy cargo container anywhere in St. Louis and the surrounding areas, just say the word! For more information about Midwest Storage Containers and our ocean worthy cargo containers, give us a call today at (888) 782-2363 or email us at