Used Shipping Containers for Sale in MichiganWhen it comes to buying used, the quality of the product that you purchase is extremely important. The term ‘used’ can mean a lot of different things, so doing your due diligence to research the quality of the product before you buy will make a big difference down the road. When it comes to buying used shipping containers around Ann Arbor, MI, our team at Midwest Storage Containers does this analysis for you. Offering a variety of used shipping container grades, we’re sure to have containers that meet your quality expectation.

The Midwest Storage Way

Whether you are shipping valuables, products, etc., we know how important those items are to you. Keeping them protected from mother nature and other elements both domestically and internationally is what we take pride in providing our customers at Midwest Storage Containers. There is no rushing you through the used shipping container purchasing process. By purchasing from us, your used conex shipping containers will be clean, protective, affordable and secure. To make the buying process even more simple for our customers, we offer free estimates on our used shipping containers.

Used Shipping Container Choices

Having options is never a bad thing when you are in search of used shipping containers. At Midwest Storage Containers, we offer a wide variety of grades including:

  • One Trip/New – The highest quality used shipping container that we offer is the ‘One Trip/New’ container. Built in China and shipped over to the United States, we sell this container upon arrival to Midwest Storage Containers.
  • Cargo-Worthy – Although this container is no longer considered to be new, it is still certified for both domestic and international shipping.
  • Wind and Watertight – Being wind and watertight is a feature that many people are looking for. This grade is in good shape, however it hasn’t been inspected by a qualified surveyor.
  • As Is – If you are looking for our most basic used shipping container, our ‘As Is’ grade is the way to go. This container may have a leak or damage, but can still be used for shipping depending on your unique situation.

At Midwest Storage Containers, we understand that purchasing new shipping containers is not always the right option. That’s why we offer quality used shipping containers that can get the job done. If you are in the Ann Arbor, MI area and are interested in a free estimate on quality used shipping containers, give our expert staff a call today at (888) 782-2363 or email