Steel Cargo ContainersWhen you need to rent a storage container, you need concise and reliable information. What starts off as an affordable solution can come with astronomical costs in the long run. If you are looking to rent a steel storage container, consider looking online at Midwest Storage Containers. We deliver nationwide to most residential areas. Renting a steel storage container has never been easier than renting at Midwest Storage Containers.

Ease of Delivery

Generally, people do not rent shipping containers and then assume they won’t get them for a couple months. When you decide you need to rent a steel storage container, you typically need it right away. This is why Midwest Storage Containers offers nationwide shipping with 48 hour delivery service. This means that in 2 days, you can begin to utilize your steel storage container! Need it even sooner? While shopping online, check to see if your market is eligible for overnight shipping! When you choose a steel container from us, the delivery of your container becomes our top priority.

Quality Steel Containers

The quality of Midwest Storage Containers is unbeatable. We offer both domestic and international steel shipping containers, depending on your needs. These containers are either made with COR-TEN steel, the highest in the industry, or another extremely durable aluminum or steel that is built to last. All of our rental containers are weatherproof, keeping whatever type of debris and harsh winds out and your items within the container safe. Marine-grade wood flooring is installed throughout the floor and the entire box is well ventilated. Each steel storage container comes with a security lock box to keep your items safe.

Rental Information

Rental prices vary depending on location and of course, depending on size as well. Whether you rent a steel storage container and keep it on your site or ours, we do ask for a 4 week minimum. You can easily request a quote online at We have pre-filled boxes for you to click and find the most ideal storage container for you. Our response is always timely as we quickly will receive your request and obtain a storage container that fits your exact specifications. Our quote will include all expected costs – no hidden fees or surprises at the end of our rental agreements.

Want to know more about renting our steel storage containers online? You are also free to call Midwest Storage Containers toll-free at (888) 782-2363 or shoot us an email at