Storage Container for Moving MNSpringtime is moving time for a lot of Local Minnesotan’s. Whether your lease is up, you finally closed on that house or it’s time for a fresh start – Midwest Storage Containers offers convenient storage and shipping options for your Twin Cities move. Our Specialty Storage Company is based out of Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN and offers a variety of durable storage containers that are weatherproof and easily transportable.  

Cut Down on Trips while Moving

Cut out the middle man, let us bring you your storage unit. Just a few steps from your front door could be your storage unit, both at your old and new place. We have storage containers for rent that can store all your household belongings and save you a trip (actually two) to the nearest moving van rental shop. Fill the storage container up, contact us and we can either store the container for you or take it to your next destination. Great for same-day-moves, and not-so-same-day-moves.

On Site Storage Containers

We’ve all been there, moving is stressful. Let us help simplify your move by providing you with one or many storage containers for your needs, at your property. With our storage containers, everything is at hand, yet not a burden. Our rugged storage containers are weatherproof, have a security lock box and come in 3 different sizes:

Storage Container Styles:

  • 10 Foot Containers: These storage containers for rent are a great fit for someone with a roomful of items. They are also easily movable with a bobcat, great for tight corners.
  • 20 Foot Containers: These storage containers we rent are double the above container’s size and can fit a small household. You may need two for an established home.
  • 40 Foot Containers: Even bigger yet, one of these containers should do you if you are moving.

Storage Containers for Moving

Moving an entire household is no small task. But we can make it easier. Staying organized can speed up the moving process and we can help you to stay organized by providing you with shelving for your storage container, at your request. You can trust that you will receive your on-site storage unit clean, entirely weatherproof and ready for use.

Things to think about before Moving Day:

  • Boxes: Buy new moving boxes, masking tape, permanent marker & get some newspaper. Label every box, you will be glad you did! It is tempting, but try not to over pack the boxes, it could hurt you and damage your items.
  • Lifting: Everyone knows the saying ‘Lift with your Knees’. But are you? That is an important question to ask yourself throughout the move.
  • Equipment & Manpower: If you have larger items to move, be sure to use a dolly and get extra moving hands. Offer food, as long as you can deliver it!
  • Clothing: Don’t wear your flip flops, you’re just asking for some hurt. Tennis shoes, jeans and a comfy shirt is perfect for moving day.
  • Hydrate: Be sure to stop for water and don’t forget to eat some of that food you got for those that helped.

Residential Storage for Easy Moving

Contact Midwest Storage Containers to set up drop-off and pick-up points for your rented storage unit and have us deal with the transportation of the storage container you select. Whether you need storage for an hour, day, week, months or you want to buy a storage container from us, we can oblige. Contact Midwest Storage Containers at (612) 920-3540 for a free estimate on your storage needs today.