How to Buy Storage ContainersIf your Detroit, Warren or Dearborn MI area company is looking to begin shipping large amounts of your product within the US or to other places internationally, Midwest Storage Containers can provide you the shipping containers that you will need to keep the contents safe and secure. Common uses for shipping containers include businesses shipping products across the country, government or military shipping, or storage functions including seasonal storage, onsite “toolbox” or document storage.

Keep Contents Safe, Secure And Dry

Midwest Storage Containers are constructed of the trademarked COR-TEN steel. COR-TEN steel is more durable and has become the industry-standard for shipping containers. Shipping containers that are made from COR-TEN steel are more durable, not inclined to oxidize, and have a desirable weight-to-strength ratio. Each container also comes with a pre-installed security lock-box. That means that it will be virtually impossible for anyone to gain entry to your shipping container unless you want them to have access. The security lock-box is welded to the shipping container, which means that it adds strength to the container, rather than being a weak point that some would consider to be the desired entry point.
Shipping or storing property in storage containers by definition means that the containers will be exposed to the elements. But a sturdily constructed shipping container minimizes or eliminates the impact of weather on the contents of the shipping container. Your contents will be safe inside a Midwest Storage Container. The confidence Midwest Storage has in its containers allows them to use the term ‘weatherproof.’ Not all shipping container providers have that same level of confidence.

Going hand-in-hand with being weather-proof, Midwest Storage shipping containers are ventilated to ensure that the internal environment of your shipping container allows the contents to arrive at their destination in the condition you intend for them. Further, the floors of the shipping containers are constructed of marine-grade wood, which means that they will work in conjunction with the ventilation system to ensure that the contents will not be exposed to undue moisture. Marine-grade wood also means that moisture will not be absorbed by the floors, which means that that moisture cannot affect the contents of your shipping container.

What Size Shipping Container Do You Need?

You also will have some choice when it comes to selecting the size of the container that suits your needs best. Ocean cargo containers offered by Midwest Storage Containers range in size from 20 feet long to 45 feet long. The height for these units ranges from 8-feet 6-inches to 9-feet 66-inches. All ocean cargo containers are a standard eight feet wide. Domestic Shipping Containers come in the following lengths: 45-feet; 48-feet; and 53-feet. The height of each of those containers is 9-feet 6-inches; the width for each container is also standard, at 8-feet 6-inches.
For more information about renting or buying a shipping container from Midwest Storage Containers, call 888-782-2363 for a free estimate.