Storage Container PricingCan anyone take a guess when the U.S. postal system was established? How about the international postal system? Under Benjamin Franklin, the Post Office Department was created in 1792. In 1887, International Parcel Post began with the U.S. and select foreign countries. Today, we can ship things around the world to pretty much anyone our heart’s desire. We can ship containers by land, air, and sea. We can rush our shipping to get to destinations quickly. We can prioritize our shipping, mark it fragile, etc. We can trade across the world with one click of a button. Shipping has come a long way. Whether you are shipping across the world or to your next door neighbor down the street, when you need a large shipping container, Midwest Storage Containers is the place to shop. Serving Worthington, MN and beyond, our shipping containers are the highest of quality and can get your items where they need to go, by any means you choose.

Shipping Container Quality

Obviously, if you are shipping overseas then you need a container that is seaworthy. At Midwest Storage Containers, our shipping containers are durable and weather-ready and can resist any ocean storm. They are made from COR-TEN steel and last longer than any other container on the market. Buying a new shipping container ensures that you will have a sturdy, clean, and safe delivery of whatever you are shipping. However, if you are not planning on sending it abroad, you may consider a quality used shipping container. We break our used shipping containers into different categories so that you have a good understanding on what you are going to get out of it. Choosing a used container should definitely be determined on how exactly you will want to ship your product.

Used Container Categories

  • One trip/new: This category means that you are getting the best of the best – a brand new shipping container. It is seaworthy, wind tight, water tight, and ready to go!
  • Cargo-worthy: This container is not new, but still remains certified by our surveyor and is good to ship overseas. It is still wind and water tight and it can handle the force of an ocean storm.
  • Wind and Watertight: This category means that it is likely cargo-worthy but a surveyor has not inspected it thoroughly enough to categorize it cargo-worthy. Taking a gamble on these containers is generally a safe bet.
  • As Is: You get what you see. These particular containers may have a small leak or a little damage but can generally be shipped domestically.

No matter what type of shipping container you need in Worthington, MN, Midwest Storage Containers is the best place to purchase them. For more information about our shipping containers, call us today at (888) 782-2363 or email and get your free estimate!