Whether you are shipping across the states or across the world, Midwest Storage Containers has got you covered. We offer the highest quality shipping containers in the industry and look forward to shipping yours to you today.

Quality Storage Containers

Every container that comes through Midwest Storage Containers is made to last. Built with the rugged COR-TEN steel, our quality containers can withstand all types of weather ailments. Our COR-TEN steel containers are primarily used to ship items internationally. They have been thoroughly tested to move items safely and intact. Our ocean cargo containers are made to withstand even the worst of ocean conditions. Perhaps you are only planning on shipping across the country? Our domestic containers made from either aluminum or steel are just the ticket when you aren’t planning on traveling overseas.

New Conex Containers

Whether you are looking to ship overseas or domestically, it’s important to determine what kind of quality container you need for shipping. Do you need something brand new and unused? If so, our new conex containers will give you peace of mind during their usage. Having never been exposed to any elements, your containers have no threat of already being worn down, having leaks, or even being rusted out.

Used Conex Containers

With that same thought in mind, having a used conex container from Midwest Storage Containers means that you can still get a quality conex container for a great, affordable price. All of our used conex containers are checked to make sure they are cleaned and in the condition that was agreed upon. We categorize our used quality containers into separate conditions so that you know the exact quality you are getting. New or “one trip” is the first category that means absolutely new. The only trip that container has taken was to deliver it to you! The next condition level is our cargo worthy option. It means that although it is used, it has been thoroughly inspected and is deemed ready to ship overseas. Our “wind and watertight” category is what we like to call “likely” cargo-worthy. However, these cargo containers have not been assessed by a qualified surveyor and are therefore, not guaranteed. Our last section for used conex containers is the “as is” option. These containers may have a leak or damage but can still be utilized in many ways, depending on what you need to ship.

Want to know more? Call Midwest Storage Containers today and discuss the options that are right for you. Contact us for a free estimate today at (888) 782-2363 or by emailing sales@midweststoragecontainers.com.