Storage Containers For SaleMinneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit, and Green Bay. What do all these cities have in common? Every single one of them have the possibility of obtaining used shipping containers from Midwest Storage Containers. That’s right, if you live in Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit, or Green Bay, your delivery can be as quick as two to five days. Looking for something even sooner? We will do our best to accommodate you! At Midwest Storage Containers, we do our best to make sure our customers are completely satisfied.

Used Shipping Containers in Major Cities

Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit, and Green Bay are all large cities that have proven to have continuous growth. As construction sites pop up in your line of work, or even at home, used shipping containers are the perfect solution to one of the biggest construction problems: storage. Our used shipping containers are perfect for storing whatever you may need to help with growth. Whether you are constructing a major building in your downtown area, or you just need some extra storage at your home, Midwest Storage Containers can find the perfect used storage containers for you.

Used Shipping Containers Are Customizable

Why do people love our used shipping containers so much? At Midwest Storage Containers, we have the capacity to customize your used shipping container and make it the perfect solution for your storage problems. We provide custom painting, we can add flanges for shelves, partitions, extra doors, and even turbine vents. Additionally, if you are needing to reduce the size of your container, we can do that for you too! We provide customizations for you to meet your every need. No matter how crazy a request, just ask us and we will try our best to get it done!

Used Shipping Containers

When choosing your used shipping containers, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first thing you need to do is figure out how you want to use it. Will it be stationary or mobile? Temporary or permanent? We separate our containers into 4 different grades: One trip/new, cargo worthy, wind and water tight, and “as is.” One trip/new means it has only been shipped once from the manufacturer to us. Cargo Worthy means that these used shipping containers are certified to ship overseas. Wind and watertight means that it is likely cargo-worthy and will keep wind and water out, but it has not been inspected by a qualified surveyor yet. Obviously, “as-is” means that you are buying a container that may have a small amount of damage or a leak.

For more information about used shipping containers at Midwest Storage Containers, call us today at (888) 782-2363. If you live in Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit, or Green Bay, call us and order your used shipping container now!