Storage Containers for St. PaulJust like Roger Miller, the king of the road, once sang, Midwest Storage Containers has got containers “for sale or rent”! That’s right. If you have a use for storage containers in St. Paul, both temporary and permanent use, Midwest Storage Containers has got what you need.

Residential and Commercial Rentals

There are lots of reasons why renting a storage container would make sense. For residential purposes, people find that when they move, remodel, or need some extra space temporarily, our conex containers do the trick. For moving purposes, both residential and commercial, conex containers are the perfect way to load things up and ship them to a new destination. Maybe your new home or office isn’t ready for it yet but you’ve got to leave your existing space, well this is when renting our storage containers just make sense. Looking for more than just the containers? We can help! We can help with the loading and unloading, however much or little you need. For specific commercial needs, you can’t beat conex containers. Maybe you only need storage temporarily for your business or maybe you need to ship something across the world. Midwest Storage Containers has conex containers for rent that will get the job done.

Storage Containers For Sale

The possibilities are endless when you buy a conex container from us. Offering both new and used containers in the area, our storage containers are high quality and built to be versatile. We have everything from brand new conex containers that are ocean cargo ready to used as-is containers that are a great solution to a permanent space. From one extreme to the next and everything in between, Midwest Storage Solutions has a solution for you. Additionally, buying our conex containers means that you have the ability to customize it and make it your own. Make it smaller, bigger, add shelves, windows, paint, or hook it up and run electricity through it. It’s yours!!! If you have specific customization in mind, let us know and we will see how we can help.

Midwest Storage Containers is located in Minnesota and we have the ability to ship all over the world. Quality storage containers for sale or rent in St. Paul, MN can be hard to come by. If you are interested in making a space your own or finding a temporary solution to your storage problem, then call Midwest Storage Containers today at (888) 782-2363.