Used Conex Boxes & International Shipping Containers for SaleWhen you’re looking for a quality used shipping container, whether you’re looking for an ocean cargo container or a domestic shipping container, you can bet that Midwest Storage Containers can help you find the best one for your needs. The best way to evaluate a used container you are intending on buying, is to determine how durable you need the container to be to ship or store your belongings. The way you intend to use the container will determine the type that will best suit your needs. To help you determine the best type of container for your needs, we want to give you all of the information you’ll need to make an informed purchase, whether you’re renting or buying.

Used Ocean Cargo Containers For Sale

One of the major distinctions when buying or renting a shipping container is whether you’re looking for an ocean cargo container or a domestic shipping container. As you might assume, an ocean cargo container should be a more durable shipping container, as it must be seaworthy if it’s going to protect whatever you’re shipping. If you’re looking for a container for overseas shipping, you’ll need a weather resistant COR-TEN steel Conex container, the highest quality shipping container steel available. You will also need a marine survey, which we can provide.

Used Domestic Shipping Containers Available

If you’re looking for a domestic shipping Conex container, you may be able to invest in a slightly less expensive cargo container, that is not necessarily seaworthy, but is still weatherproof. Domestic shipping containers are not quite as durable as ocean cargo containers, as they are made of either steel or aluminum, but they are the perfect shipping containers for short or long domestic shipping trips or static storage.  They are wider and longer than ocean cargo containers.

Used Shipping Container Conditions

Used shipping container grades are determined based on how long a container has been used and how durable the container is now. When we inspect our used shipping containers, we assign them to various grades of shipping container use, including one trip/new, cargo-worthy, wind and water tight, and as is. Your intended use of your Conex shipping container will determine the shipping container condition most appropriate for your needs. One-trip/new shipping containers are very lightly used cargo containers, which means that they are essentially like new containers. Cargo-worthy shipping containers are more used containers that are inspected and certified for overseas shipping because they are still completely weatherproof shipping containers. Wind and water tight shipping containers have not been inspected or certified cargo-worthy.  Finally, as is used shipping containers may have leaks or damage that would make them unsuitable for overseas shipping but may be useful for domestic shipping once we fix them up for you.

To determine the best used shipping container for you, contact Midwest Storage Containers at (888) 782-2363 and get a free quote for your Detroit, MI used shipping container.