“One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” At Midwest Storage Containers, this just isn’t true. Why? Because we don’t sell any containers that would even remotely be considered trash. Our used shipping containers are on sale for cheap only because they have been used – not because they are not usable! If you are looking for used shipping containers for sale cheap, looking anywhere else would be a waste of time. Midwest Storage Containers has got you covered, offering a multitude of used containers in all different sizes.

Why Are Our Storage Containers Cheap?

Well, what’s the catch? We know it’s hard to believe how cheap our prices are for the extreme amount of value you get from our containers, so we’ll break it down for you. While our prices may be cheap, it does not reflect the quality of the container. Our quality remains high with all of our used shipping containers. Midwest Storage Containers has two types of containers: standard ocean cargo containers and domestic shipping containers. Your ocean containers are tougher than nails. They are made out of COR-TEN steel, the highest quality container steel possible. These bad boys can travel internationally and keep whatever you are shipping safe! Domestic shipping containers are only used in the US and are made with either steel or aluminum, both sturdy and able to handle their own. Once we distinguish between these containers, we will then add a grade: New/one trip, Cargo Worthy, Wind and Watertight, and As Is.

Storage Container Grades

● New/One Trip: This shipping container is completely new and only shipped once, straight from the manufacturer in China.
● Cargo Worthy: This container is not new but still certified to head overseas. It can handle wind and water that international shipping can bring.
● Wind and Watertight: While it may be able to handle the wind and water during an overseas trip, it is not certified and a surveyor has not cleared it.
● As Is: This container is very cheap and may have leaking or damage. While it can be used for shipping purposes, many people like to use these containers for more stationery projects.

Storage Container Sizes

We have all types of used shipping containers that come in a variety of sizes as follows:
Ocean Containers:
● Standard 20’: 20’ x 8’6” x 8’
● Standard 40’: 40’ x 8’6” x 8’
● 40’ High Cube: 40’ x 9’6” x8’
● 45’ High Cube: 45’ x 9’6” x 8’

Domestic Containers:

● Domestic 45’: 45’ x 9’6: x 8’6”
● Domestic 48’: 48’ x 9’6” x 8’6”
● Domestic 53’: 53’ x 9’6” x 8’6”

For more information about used shipping containers for sale cheap, call Midwest Storage Containers today at (888) 782-2363.