There is one thing that we cannot live without. While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about it, could you imagine living without storage space? What would you do with all your belongings? How would you be able to ship products across the country or even the globe without storage space. Well, if you are searching for shipping containers in Illinois, you are in luck! At Midwest Storage Containers, we specialize in offering used shipping containers that can provide you with all of the storage space you need for any purpose!

Reliable Used Shipping Containers

Some of our clients use shipping containers to transport products or personal items across the country. Other clients use our conex storage containers to ship products internationally. Whether you are in need of a used shipping container for a move, storage, or for business, our used shipping containers for sale in Illinois are affordable, reliable and customizable. Our used shipping containers are available in a variety of conditions depending on your needs. We break the quality of our used shipping containers into the following grades:

● One Trip/New – For those looking for the closest used container to a new one, this may be your best bet as this grade shipping container has been shipped to us directly from China and has only been on one trip.
● Cargo Worthy – For those looking to ship abroad, our cargo worthy grade containers are still certified to ship overseas with ease as it will still be wind and watertight.
● Wind and Watertight – This level grade has not been inspected by a surveyor, but it is still wind and watertight.
● As Is – We offer this grade container just the way we received it. It may have a leak or damage, but can still provide efficient storage and shipping needs.

Diverse Sizing Options

At Midwest Storage Containers, we understand that the one size fits all concept doesn’t necessarily work in the shipping container industry. This is why we offer a wide range of used shipping container sizes for both domestic and international use. These sizes are broken down as follows:

● Ocean Cargo Containers
○ Standard 20’
○ Standard 40’
○ 40’ High Cube
○ 45’ High Cube
● Domestic Shipping Containers
○ Domestic 45’
○ Domestic 48’
○ Domestic 53’

If you have been searching Illinois for affordable and reliable used shipping containers, our team at Midwest Storage Containers have exactly what you have been looking for. Give us a call today at (888) 782-2363, or email to request a free estimate on our used shipping containers for sale.