Used Shipping Containers MinneapolisFor some people, the word “used” completely turns them away from purchasing a certain product. For others, purchasing used is the only option. Just think about purchasing a car. If you buy a brand new car from the dealership, it immediately loses value the minute that you drive it off of the lot. By purchasing used, the value of your investment does not drop as significantly. Just like there are many great used car options, the same goes for used shipping containers. At Midwest Storage Containers, we specialize in offering the Minneapolis area reliable and affordable used shipping containers for your every need.

What to Look for

Sure, anytime you purchase a used product there are risks. There are certain things to look for when purchasing a used shipping container. These tips will help you throughout the process:

● Wind and Watertight – Close yourself into the shipping container that you are interested in purchasing and make sure that it is wind and watertight. An easy way to determine this is to see if there is any sunlight sneaking into the container.
● Inspect Rust – Surface rust on a shipping container is common and poses no issue. Look to see if the rust has fully developed and is causing weakness. Inspect door seals and hardware for rust as well.
● Access Points – Evaluate the doors of the used conex container. Look to make sure that the doors easily open and close.
● Smells – Take a big whiff of the used shipping containers interior to ensure that there are no strong odors before making the purchase.

What to Avoid

At Midwest Storage Containers, we offer a variety of used shipping container grades. You want to avoid making an impulse purchase when shopping for used shipping containers because you have a lot of options. It all depends on what you plan to do with your shipping container. If you are looking to use this container to ship internationally, you’ll want to avoid our “As Is” or “Wind and Watertight” grades because they will not be able to withstand the rigorous ocean waters. If you plan to use our conex containers as simply a storage unit, then you may want to avoid our “One Trip/New” or “Cargo-Worthy” grades because they are much more expensive and are only needed if you plan to ship regularly.

If you are looking to invest in a used shipping container in Minneapolis, your best bet is to get in touch with our staff at Midwest Storage Containers. Give us a call today at (888) 782-2363, or email to set up a free estimate on a reliable and affordable used shipping container.