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Ocean Cargo Containers For International Shipping

International Ocean Cargo ContainersIf you’re searching for a safe and reliable way to transport goods and products across oceans and huge bodies of water, look no further than Midwest Storage Containers’ conex ocean cargo containers. When you choose Midwest Storage, you’ll get much more than just a container; you get a name you can trust and a business that wants to make finding and choosing your shipping containers as easy and painless for you as possible. So stick with us, and never worry about whether your possessions or products are in good hands again.

Benefits of Our Conex Ocean Cargo Containers

At Midwest Storage Containers, we value your business as much as you value the possessions you place in our care, so when you choose to ship anything using our conex ocean cargo containers, you can bet that you’ll get a durable and weather-ready container that will not fail you. All of our containers, whether new or used, are reliable and made to last. Generally made from COR-TEN steel, these conex containers are made from the highest quality steel available for container use. This type of steel is not only preferred based on the promise of value; it’s preferred because it’s proven to be the most effective material to use for a shipping container that’s crossing oceans and large bodies of water.

Whether you’re shipping overseas or domestically, our conex ocean cargo containers are your best option. They’ll withstand harsh weather and reach their destination no worse for wear, the COR-TEN steel increasing their longevity and effectiveness in keeping your items safe from the stormy seas. Our containers also measure up against other storage container options because of our ability to keep your items safe from harm or even theft. With marine-grade wood flooring and ventilation systems, our conex containers are preferable to less well-designed storage containers.

With inspections completed to double check that each cargo container is clean and usable before being sold, you can be sure that you’ll receive a container that you won’t be too afraid to use for fear of damaging or dirtying the items you’re shipping. You can also be sure that your items will be safe from someone else’s hands, as each of our containers comes equipped with standard lock rods. We also provide steel lock boxes that can be welded to the outside of your storage container for an additional cost, increasing the safety of your shipment even further and giving you extra peace of mind. No matter how many conex ocean cargo containers you plan to purchase – whether it be one or 100 – we can supply whatever you request.

Delivering Your Ocean Cargo Container

When you buy new or used conex ocean cargo containers from Midwest Storage Containers, we’ll deliver your container anywhere you request. With deliveries anywhere in the United States, it doesn’t matter if you’re across the country or down the road – we’ve got you covered. We’ll deliver your container on a tilt-bed truck or trailer, resting your storage container on any relatively flat, firm surface, including packed dirt, cement, asphalt, and gravel. For a reduced cost, we will deliver your container on a straight truck, but you must be able to offload the container without the help of our tilt-bed.

Ocean Cargo Container Options

Offering four sizes, you’ll be able to find the ocean cargo container that best meets your needs. You can choose between either high cube or standard-sized containers, each with varying dimensions. Standard containers are available in either 20-foot or 40-foot length, both of which are 8’6” tall and 8 feet wide. High cube conex containers are either 40 or 45 feet long, 9’6” tall, and 8 feet wide. Prices for containers vary based on dimensions and level of use, so contact us to be sure you’re getting the right ocean cargo container for you at the best price.

Finding Used Conex Ocean Cargo Containers

Whether your ocean cargo container is new or used, you won’t be surprised by the condition of your container when you purchase it from Midwest Storage Containers. When looking for a used conex container, know that there are varying levels of use, which can be “one trip/new,” “cargo worthy,” “wind and water tight,” and “as is.” Whatever condition your container is in, though, be sure that you inspect your container as carefully as we inspect each container we sell, checking for corrosion, holes, water damage, dents, and sturdy doors and locks.

Contact Midwest Storage Containers today at 1-888-782-2363 to receive a quote for one of our ocean cargo containers, and see the quality of our containers yourself.

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