Uses for Conex and Cargo ContainersWhen you were younger did you ever play with used boxes that were left after the adults opened them? Refrigerator boxes, television boxes, furniture boxes, whatever you could get your hands on! These boxes opened up endless possibilities for your imagination to run wild! One day the box could be a spaceship, the next day it was a car, and later it was a house in the big city. So, now that we are adults, why do we sometimes limit our imagination when it comes to space? At Midwest Storage Containers, we have your “adult” boxes that can fulfill all your spatial needs with your adult imagination.

Shipping Containers

First and foremost, Midwest Storage Containers has strong and sturdy cargo and conex containers that can ship both domestically and internationally. We offer cargo containers that are seaworthy, meaning they are wind and watertight! If you are looking to ship something large abroad, our high quality conex containers are the perfect match for you. Additionally, we offer used storage containers that vary in integrity. If you plan on shipping domestically, you may not need a brand new box. Many of our domestic shippers choose from our used conex containers.

Storage Containers

We love to hear how creative people can get with our used conex containers. Just like our childhood days, these storage containers can be used for anything. Do you need something stationary? How about a temporary office right outside? Whatever your use is our containers can do it! With a large amount of space, there is no limit to what you can do. At Midwest Storage Containers, we even offer the option of welding the space to make it smaller. Whatever your need, we can customize it. Have an idea for the interior of the cargo container? Let us know and we can work on it for you! We can add ventilation, doors, shelving, and even add a paint job. We want to customize it so that you are 100% happy with your container and are excited about using it!

Midwest Storage Containers is based out of Minnesota, but we deliver to any location in the United States. So even if you are miles away, you can receive your conex container in a matter of days. Whether you are buying new or used, Midwest Storage Containers has the best options and highest variety on the market. Think like a child again and dream big with our cargo, storage, and conex containers! For more information or to get your free estimate today, call (888) 782-2363.