Quality Connex Boxes with Affordable DeliveryCargo shipping plays a huge role in the economy of the United States. Safely shipping goods and products across our country helps keep the world’s daily economy turning. Just think about how our daily lives would be affected if shipping ceased even for a day in America. Grocery stores wouldn’t get their food. Gas stations would run out of gas and many Americans would be out of jobs. Luckily, there is no sign of this happening in the future, but it just exemplifies the importance of the need for reliable cargo containers. Keeping your cargo protected is what our team at Midwest Storage Containers specializes in. Offering top of the line conex cargo containers for Wausau, WI residents and business owners, you’ll be wondering why it has taken you so long to partner with our staff.

Quality is Key

When it comes to shipping products across the country, the quality and security of your cargo container should be the top priority. Conex containers are known for their qualities of serving as a protector and lasting a long time. Whether you are in need of just one cargo container, or more than 100, our team at Midwest Storage Containers can fit all of your needs. We offer conex cargo containers in a wide range of sizes and styles so that you have options. Your goods will remain safe from water, rust and whatever else mother nature throws your way on your shipping trip. These conex containers are strong enough for domestic shipping across our country as well as shipping internationally. Not only are you investing in high quality cargo containers, but you are also investing in quality customer service that can deliver your containers nationwide within 48 hours!

Used Container Grades

While we understand that the safest way to go is new, not everyone can afford a brand new cargo container. At Midwest Storage Containers, we offer various cargo container options when it comes to purchasing used. If you are searching for a used cargo container, one of our container specialists will sit down with you to get a better understanding of the quality you are looking for. Then, we’ll help you decide between one of our used container grades, which include:

  • One Trip/New
  • Cargo-Worthy
  • Wind and Watertight
  • As Is

If you are preparing for domestic or international shipping and need to invest in reliable cargo containers around Wausau, WI, our crew at Midwest Storage Containers has just what you need. Give us a call today at (888) 782-2363 or email sales@midweststoragecontainers.com to learn more!