Custom Storage ContainersImagine a space that’s all your own. While you can technically do whatever you want with your own home, it’s sometimes nice to have an entirely separate space to call your own. Whether it’s an office, man cave, tool shed, or sewing room, Midwest Storage Containers can help you turn your conex box into a custom container that fits your every need! These storage containers are high quality and can be used for their standard purpose, shipping, or for so much more! Bring us your ideas and we can help you customize your space!

The Conex Box

A conex box from Midwest Storage Containers is a high quality storage container that can be shipped both domestically or abroad, and offers protection to your belongings no matter what type of weather mother nature conjures up. We offer both new and used conex containers and can help you decide depending on your personal needs for the custom container.

Personalizing Your Space

Are you buying a conex for shipping or storage? Will it be shipped domestically or internationally? Does your custom container need size adjustments? Does it need to be painted? How about shelving? These are all the types of questions we ask when we are helping to create your custom container.

● Painting: What good is a space if it’s not the color that you want? We can give it a new paint job so that when it’s delivered you will have exactly the right colors your want.
● Ventilation and Shelving: If you decide to use your custom container for stationery purposes, it may make sense to give it more ventilation, doors, and shelving. This way it is customized to exactly what you need for your space. At Midwest Storage Containers, we can take care of this for you in advance so when your custom container arrives, it’s ready to be used!
● Size Adjustments: If your space is too big and you want something more specific, our professionals will perform size adjustments.

So whether you’re using your conex box for storage or shipping, it’s important to get what you want and have the option to create your custom container. If these measures don’t fulfill the changes you want or need, just let us know! We will work with you to fulfill whatever your custom container needs may be. For more information, or to learn more about our conex boxes, call Midwest Storage Containers today at (888)782-2363.