So many people ask a very important question when they call in requesting information about our containers. At Midwest Storage Containers, we want to make sure that every purchase you make is the right one. We would never want you to buy a large ocean cargo container when you only need something domestic and we certainly would not want you to buy a domestic container and attempt to ship it overseas. So, as you prepare to purchase a cargo container from Midwest Storage Containers, the first question you should ask is what exactly you intend to use it for? Whether you are shipping domestically or overseas, it’s important to choose a container that will get the proposed job done. For this reason, finding your container at Midwest Storage Containers is the right decision.

Domestic Shipping Containers

Our domestic shipping containers were specifically built to withstand weather and travel. They are built to last through all types of different weather ailments, specific to the United States. Made from either steel or aluminum, our domestic shipping containers are reliable and sturdy. Each of our containers are inspected inside and out to ensure the containers that we are sending to you are in pristine condition and ready to be put to good use. A large concern for domestic shipping containers is the safety of the product inside. This is why our domestic shipping containers are equipped with durable lock rods. For additional security, we give the option of purchasing steel lock boxes that are welded to the outside of the domestic container. No matter if it stays in your backyard or gets shipped all over the country, your items within the container will be safe and secure.

Ocean Cargo Containers

Shipping across the ocean can be a risky move. This is why it is highly beneficial to buy your containers from a trusted source. At Midwest Storage Containers, we ease our buyers’ minds with the quality and durability of our ocean cargo containers. Each of our ocean cargo containers are made up of COR-TEN steel. This is the highest quality of steel possible and the most effective at successfully crossing oceans. The harsh weather and raging seas are no match for the COR-TEN steel that keeps your items safe in the roughest conditions. Each of our ocean cargo containers also contain marine-grade flooring and ventilation systems, giving you that peace of mind as you ship. Just like the domestic shipping containers, our ocean cargo containers are safe from theft with standard lock rods. We also offer steel lock boxes that will be welded on for an additional price.

So no matter which option is right for you, Midwest Storage Containers has got you covered. We take pride in delivering ocean cargo containers and domestic shipping containers to the following states: MN, WI, IL, IA, SD, and ND. For more information or for your free estimate, give Midwest Storage Containers a call today at (888) 782-2363 or email