Storage ContainersMany financial experts agree, buying used is the way to go! When you take a brand spanking new car off of the lot, the value goes down tremendously. You can immediately buy the car for much less! Much of this can also be said for used shipping containers. At Midwest Storage Containers, we offer used steel cargo containers at a fraction of the price for a new box. Just like the car that drove a mile off of the lot, our conex boxes are still in impeccable condition, but now they cost a lot less!

Grades of Used Shipping Containers

At Midwest Storage Containers, we break our conex boxes down into three different levels of used shipping containers. Our first level is the “new” one trip conex. This container was directly shipped from China and is being sold brand new and pretty quickly. Our second level means that this conex is cargo-worthy. While it’s not new, it’s considered certified to ship goods overseas. For this reason, we can guarantee that these used shipping containers are structurally sound enough to handle the rigors of overseas shipping, including the wind and water. Level three is a container that is likely wind, water-tight, and cargo worthy, but it was not inspected enough to make it cargo-worthy. Lastly, we sell used shipping containers as-is. This means that the container may have a small leak or damage to it.

Finding Your Perfect Used Steel Cargo Container

So how do you know what’s best for you! Here are 5 tips to help pick a used steel cargo container from Midwest Storage Containers:

  1. If you want a container that is both wind and water-tight, shut yourself within the container and look for brightness. If you see the sun poking out, it’s likely there is a problem. Inspecting rust on both the interior and exterior is a vital component. Try to ensure that the rust is only surface level and hasn’t gone completely through your storage container.
  2. Do the doors work? Opening and closing correctly can make a difference in the level that your used steel cargo container is given.
  3. While looking for rust on the surface areas, don’t forget to look for rust and corrosion under the door seals and the hardware.
  4. Dents can be a bad sign for used shipping containers. Small ones aren’t a big deal but major dents in the sides or roof can be a prediction for major problems in the future.
  5. Use your senses! Your good ol olfactory nerve can give you a good sense of whether or not to buy. If there are foul odors or evidence of contamination, it’s best to pass on that particular used steel cargo container.

For more information on how to find and buy good used shipping containers, contact Midwest Storage Containers today at (888) 782-2363.